Zach Jaquays - Game Artist
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Professional Experience

Egowall LLC - Dallas, TX (2013-Present)


- Concepting environmental assets and gameplay spaces

- Creation and implementation of 3D game assets including models, textures, particle effects, and LODs

- GUI concepting and implementation

- Internal art pipeline documentation and technical review of all art assets

Controlled Chaos Media - Dallas, TX (2012-2013)

Senior Artist

- Concepting characters and environments for a variety of mobile games and applications

- Creation and implementation of 3D game assets including models, textures, particle effects, and animations

- Creation of gameplay spaces in Unity from greybox to final product

Redfly Studio - Austin, TX (2007-2011)

Environment Artist

- Assembly and ownership of immersive real-time game levels from greyboxing to polish

- Creation and implementation of high quality 3D assets, textures, and materials

- Rapid level prototyping for project demo pitches

- Generation of precomputed and real-time level lighting

- Hand creation of custom LOD models

- Creation of comprehensive conceptual art for in-game assets

Ensemble Studios - Dallas, TX (2005-2006)

Contract Artist

- Creation of conceptual art for use in generation of in-game assets

- Modeling, texturing, and rigging in-game assets including buildings and units

- Generation of custom LOD optimizations

- Hand creation of damage models for in-game buildings

Klear Games - Dallas, TX (2004-2005)

Contract Artist

- Creation of palletized sprite art for 2D platformer titles on mobile devices

Shipped Titles

- Verticus (iOS) (2012)

- Thor: God of Thunder (Wii & 3DS) (2011)

- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (Wii) (2010)

- Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Wii & PS2) (2009)

- Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars (Wii) (2008)

- Age of Empires III: The Warchiefs (PC) (2006)

- Age of Empires III (PC) (2005)

- Batman Begins (NOKIA S40) (2005)

- Catwoman Mobile Game (NOKIA S40) (2004)


- Hard surface and organic high-poly 3D Modeling

- Low-poly 3D Modeling

- Hand-painted and photo-sourced texturing

- Complex material and real-time shader creation

- Creation of real-time particle effects

- Precomputed and real-time lighting

- Environment creation

- Conceptual design


- Autodesk 3D Studio Max

- Pixologic Zbrush

- Adobe Photoshop

- Autodesk Mudbox

- Unreal Development Kit

- Unity Engine

- Infernal Engine

- xNormal, NDo, ddo, Crazy Bump, Meshlab

- Microsoft Visual Source Safe, Perforce


Certificate of Digital Game Development - Specialization in Art Creation

The Guildhall at SMU, Plano TX